The D2D Experts

What We Do For Them

– Conversion rate optimization

– Search engine optimization

– Facebook ads

– Google ads

The Problems

– Every thing was built on Click-funnels
– They weren’t tracking things properly
– Their site wasn’t set up for lead capture
– The site wasn’t mobile-friendly
– They weren’t running Facebook ads
– There SEO strategy wasn’t dialed in
– They weren’t running Google paid ads
– They weren’t re-marketing to anybody

The Solution

– Create a site that is Google-friendly & converts
– Design Facebook ads for cold traffic & re-marketing
– Put all the proper tools in place to track the traffic
– Create an SEO strategy that actually works
– Set up Google ads to get more phone call and form fills

The Result

– Site went from a 0% conversion rate to 6%
– Generated Facebook leads at $20 a lead
– Created an SEO strategy that actually works
– Generated over 200+ booked appointments
– Generated over 700 qualified leads in 3 months

Customer Testimonial

Working with Taylor has been a serious up level and success for our company. We have seen a massive increase in our paid ads strategy, over 1,000% ROI week over week. Our site conversion has been very easy to track and see the growth from a simple and clean layout and journey for the consumer to go through. Within the first 3 months we had over 100 demo requests that fit our ideal customer profile, and directly who we want to be selling to. The numbers speak for themselves and even the intangibles have been a staggering uptick since working with Taylor. We highly recommend you use him for his services.

Riley Omanson

CRO, The D2D Experts

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