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The D2D Experts

What We Do For Them

– Conversion Rate Optimization

– Search Engine Optimization

– Facebook Ads

– Google Ads

The Problems

– Every things was built on Click-funnels
– They weren’t tracking things properly
– There site wasn’t set up for lead capture
– The site wasn’t mobile-friendly
– They weren’t running Facebook ads
– There SEO strategy wasn’t dialed in
– They weren’t running google paid ads
– They weren’t re-marketing to anybody

The Solution

– Create a site that is Google-friendly & converts
– Design Facebook ads for cold traffic & re-marketing
– Put all the proper tools in place to track the traffic
– Create an SEO strategy that actually works
– Set up Google Ads to get more phone call and form Fills

The Result

– Site went from a 0% conversion rate to 6%
– Generate Facebook leads at $20 a lead
– Create an SEO strategy that actually works
– Generated over 200+ booked appointments
– Generated over 700 qualified leads in 3 months

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